RCARC Christmas Dinner and Election of Officers for 2015

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Hey Y’all
The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will meet this Thursday December 11th at 6:00 pm (Please note the change in time) at The Roane County Rescue Squad Building 2735 Roane State Highway, Harriman, TN. In Midtown. This will be our annual Christmas Dinner and election of officers so we need all voting members present if possible. Also don’t forget to bring a covered dish. Deserts or veggies. We need both. RCARC is providing condiments and a ham for dinner. I have also heard a rumor there may be a Smoked Boston Butt make an appearance too, but that is unconfirmed. 🙂

RCARC Needs You!!!! We need folks to run for office! President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are all up for election and new folks are needed with new ideas. If you have at least 1 year membership in RCARC and a desire to see the club prosper and grow, just send me an e-mail and we will put you on the ballot!! YOU can help make a difference. Send me an e-mail at: k4apy@arrl.net .

I hope to see everyone at the Christmas dinner and election.
Jim White K4APY
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RCARC Dues for 2015 are due beginning in January

RCARC Membership Renewal Application

Hey Everyone.
Next month is the RCARC Christmas Dinner / Election / Meeting on December 11th 2014. We will meet at 6 PM for dinner at our normal meeting location 2735 Roane State Highway, Harriman, TN. in the Roane County Rescue Squad Building behind The United Way Office. RCARC is providing a ham and condiments. Members bring a dish either of vegetable or desert, or whatever you wish. We always have some good food and fellowship.

After the dinner, we will hold an election of officers. We need folks to run and lead RCARC in the future. If you want to make a difference and see the club grow, let any officer know and we will place you on the ballot. Requirements for officers are in thee club bylaws on this website.

Finally 2015 dues are now being accepted. You can mail it in, or pay at a meeting night. Dues run from January through December.

I hope we can see everyone at the RCARC Christmas December meeting!!

November RCARC Meeting and Newsletter

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This Thursday November 13th the Roane County Amateur Radio Club will hold
it’s monthly meeting at 7:00 pm in the Roane County Rescue Squad 2735
Roane State Highway , Harriman, TN. 37748 in Midtown .

All local amateurs and the public are invited to attend and get to know
our group. We would also like to see some of our non active members
and former members again. The weather is nice and it’s getting dark
earlier so there is no reason not to come to the meeting! Come on Down
and spend some time with us!!

Send a Request to be added to the RCARC E-mail List

Hey Y’all
Seems some of the ISP’s have decided to flag me as a Spammer for sending out my group e-mails, so if you want to remain on the RCARC e-mail list for the newsletter send me an e-mail with the subject “Subscribe” to my k4apy#@k4apy.com e-mail address (Remove the # before sending). I’m going to have to set it up a little different to be in compliance with the Can-Spam act of 2003 it seems. Thanks!!


Website Maintenance

If you’re seeing this message then you’re loading our website from our new web server! There are a few small things I’m working on but everything should be working. We use WordPress software to maintain the website and our old server limited us to an older version (somewhere around version 2.1). I found it would be easier to do a clean install of the current version (4.x) and import our data.

Because of that, there is a little work to do to get everything just like it was in the past.

If you have any problems, please email me.

Cody, KI4FUV

September 2014 RCARC Newsletter

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The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will hold it’s September 2014
meeting on Thursday September 11th at 7:00 pm in the Roane
County Rescue Squad building 2735 Roane State Highway, Harriman, TN.
Enter from the rear of the building off Old Hwy 70 behind the United Way office.
Try to make it to the meeting if you can. We have had several new members and
visitors lately which is good. Bring a friend!! Everyone is welcome!
Talk In will be on the 147.015 repeater. I hope to see you all
73, Jim White K4APY
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Field Day 2014 Results

Our log has been submitted to the ARRL and here is a breakdown of how we did.

Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band       CW   Phone     Dig   Total     %
----       --   -----     ---   -----     ---
80         4    19        0     23        8
40         37   102       7     146       49
20         10   94        18    122       41
15         0    9         0     9         3
----       --   -----     ---   -----
Total      51   224       25    300
Total Contacts by Section:

Section     Total   %

-------     -----   ---
VA             19     6
OH             16     5
NC             12     4
MI             10     3
IL              9     3
CO              8     3
GA              8     3
NFL             8     3
LAX             7     2
MDC             7     2
SFL             7     2
STX             7     2
TN              7     2
MO              6     2
MS              6     2
NM              6     2
NTX             6     2
WCF             6     2
WNY             6     2
AR              5     2
AZ              5     2
DX              5     2
EMA             5     2
IN              5     2
KY              5     2
NH              5     2
SB              5     2
WPA             5     2
AL              4     1
EPA             4     1
LA              4     1
ME              4     1
NNJ             4     1
OK              4     1
OR              4     1
ORG             4     1
SCV             4     1
WV              4     1
CT              3     1
GTA             3     1
KS              3     1
ONS             3     1
PAC             3     1
PR              3     1
SNJ             3     1
WTX             3     1
MN              2     1
NLI             2     1
ONE             2     1
SC              2     1
SDG             2     1
SJV             2     1
UT              2     1
WI              2     1
WMA             2     1
WWA             2     1
AB              1     0
DE              1     0
EB              1     0
ENY             1     0
IA              1     0
MAR             1     0
SF              1     0
SV              1     0
VI              1     0
VT              1     0

Total Sections = 66

Log Submission Information

Datestamp: 2014-06-29 17:14:50 PDT

Call Used:KE4RX GOTA Station Call:(none) ARRL/RAC Section:TN Class:4A
Participants:25 Club/Group Name: Roane County Amateur Radio Club

Power Source(s): Generator

Power Multiplier: 2X

Bonus Points:
Description Points
100% Emergency power 400
Media Publicity 100
Set-up in Public Place 100
Site Visit by invited elected official 100
Site Visit by invited served agency official 100
Submitted via the Web 50
Total Bonus Points 850
CW Digital Phone Total
Total QSOs 51 25 224
Total Points 102 50 224 376 Claimed Score = 752
Total Claimed Score: 1,602


Field Day 2014 is just around the corner on June 28th and 29th! The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will be set up at Fort South West Point park located in Kingston. All are welcome to come out and visit with us, learn about the amateur radio service or get on the air (even if you don’t have you’re license)!

Set up will begin around 10:00 am on Saturday the 28th, with operating starting around 2:00pm. We’ll run from then, all through the night and into Sunday morning.

The address for the park is 1226 South Kentucky St., Kingston, TN 37763 and talk-in will be on the 147.015 MHz repeater (+, 110.9pl).

Note to members: If you can provide a laptop with a wireless networking card (preferred) or ethernet port, please bring it along! We will once again have a wireless (and wired if needed) network set up at the site for logging purposes. KI4FUV and KD4GT have a few spares but we seem to come up short some years. Anything from Windows 2000 or newer will work fine!