November 2019 RCARC Meeting and Newsletter

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This coming Thursday November 8th at 7:00 Pm we will have the November Meeting of The Roane County Amateur Radio Club in the Rockwood Community Center. Please make plans to attend. We will be discussing the election of officers and planning for our Christmas Dinner on December 13th.
Speaking of Election of Officers, we need folks to run for office. We are electing a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for 2019. The main requirements are be a member in good standing for at least a year. We have a lot of good folks in the club with talents that can benefit the club. Hopefully we will have a full ballot.
I hope to see everyone Thursday!!


October 2018 RCARC Meeting and Newsletter

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Hello Everyone.
This Thursday October 11th at 7:00 PM The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will hold its’ monthly meeting. Cody K4ZXT will be doing a presentation on his trip to the Carolinas to help with the hurricane relief. It should be interesting.

Also on the agenda we will be talking about the Christmas Dinner and Election of Officers coming in December for the club. We also have a few more Ham Tags to pass out , so if you have ordered one be sure to pick it up.

Hope to see everyone Thursday!!


APRS Presentation from Kenny Witt KC4OJS

Kenny Witt, KC4OJS provided a lecture and discussion regarding APRS, it’s uses for day to day operations and emcomm applications. Kenny also discussed with the group his time in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria while deployed as a communications unit with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.

Many thanks to Kenny for making the trip up to our meeting to provide this discussion!

RCARC September 2018 Meeting and Newsletter

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Our next meeting of the Roane County Amatuer Radio Club will be Thursday September 13th at 7:00 PM in the Rockwood Community Center, 710 North Chamberlain Ave. Rockwood, TN. Cody K4ZXT said Kenny Witt, KC4OJS will be at the September RCARC Meeting with a presentation on APRS. I hope everyone can come and learn from Kenny on this format of amateur radio.

The Ham tag plates and decals have come in. If you have ordered them, they will be available at the club meeting on September 13th. If you can’t make the meeting, Lee KM4AKE the club secretary will have them for handing out. You can call him on the repeater or e-mail to arrange pickup.

So don’t forget to come on down on Thursday September 13th at 7:00 PM to the Rockwood Community Center for the RCARC Club Meeting.

August 2018 Roane County Amateur Radio Club meeting and Newsletter

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Hello Everyone
This Thursday August 9th at 7:00 pm in the Rockwood Community Center The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will hold it’s monthly meeting. We hope everyone can attend and bring a friend.
We will be taking orders for the RCARC ham plate which is suitable for display on the front of a vehicle or hang in your shack. $10 each paid in advance. We have to have a minimum of 10 to make an order for these. We also have an opportunity to order RCARC Decals at $2.50 each and we need about 12 to make an order for those.

Also let’s not forget that in December we will be electing officers for 2019, so it’s not too early to start thinking about running !!

I hope to see you all Thursday at 7:00 PM. Talk in will be on 147.015 (PL110.9)