Field Day 2020 KE4RX 5A TN

  Field Day 2020 at Fort Southwest Point in Kingston TN!

  Setting up at Field Day 2020.  (L to R) Buddy Miles K4CPF and Ted Wallace KX4XV
(L to R) Ted Wallace KX4XV, Bill White KK4AGX, and Lee Grace KM4AKE working the Blackstone Grill
  Sahara Dust In The Air.
  Dottie Moriarty KD8DQU and Ben Horne   
  Lunch was Delicious thanks to the Chef!!
(L to R) Bill KK4AGX and Sterling Edmunds N4VAV hanging up our tarps to keep rain off the equipment.
(L to R) Cliff Segar KD4GT,  Dottie Moriarity KD8DQU and Anne Marie Snyder KN4FPL
  Lee Grace KM4AKE at his station at starting time.  Ready Set Go!
  (L to R)  Cliff KD4GT and Dottie KD8DQU  looking over Cliffs Station
  Lee Grace KM4AKE  logging contacts.
  Field Day Gearing Up !
  Buddy Miles  K4CPF!
  Anne Marie KN4FPL!
  Ted Wallace KX4XV and his wife at Field Day 2020
  Lee KM4AKE  Burning the midnight oil at FIeld Day 2020!
  Cliff Segar KD4GT Burning some Midnight Oil as well working FT8 Digital
Field Day 2020 Visitor Log for KE4RX.  A few folks didn’t get listed, but most did.