Field Day 2019

Cliff KD4GT Has all the cool toys!

(l to R) Harry KB4AA, Jim K4APY, Anne Marie KN4FPL, Lee KM4AKE, Dottie KD8DQU, Buddy K4CPF and Cody K4ZXT in the foreground.
(l to R) Harry KB4AA, Tim WB0MIS, Jim K4APY, Cody K4ZXT, Anne Marie KN4FPL, Lee KM4AKE, Buddy K4CPF, Keith WV4G and Dottie KD8DQU
Cody K4ZXT
(l to R) Tim WB0MIS, Dottie KD8DQU, Anne Marie KN4FPL, and Harry KB4AA
(l to R) Buddy K4CPF, Anna KE4VJM, Phil KE4LSH and Jim Huddleston
(l to R) Phil KE4LSH, Jim Huddleston, Jane Edwards, Cody K4ZXT and an unknown visitor.
(l to R) Buddy K4CPF, Keith WV4G, Tim WB0MIS, Jim K4APY and Cody K4ZXT
The Most Important and Fun Part of FIeld Day!!
Keith WV4G and Buddy K4CPF looking at a nearby storm.
Buddy K4CPF working through the night making contacts!!

Lee KM4AKE hanging in there……
(L to R) Cliff KD4GT, Garrett W8BUG
Garrett W8BUG and his 4 legged companion who turned out to be our night security! Ran off a couple of prowlers that night.