Field Day 2018

Our Field Day Article Roane County News 2018
Letting folks know we are here!
Flying The Nations Colors!
Everyone getting ready to Go! (L to R) Cody K4ZXT, Becca K4BEC, Tim WB0MIS and Lee KM4AKE
(L to R) Cody K4ZXT, Tim WB0MIS and Sterling N4VAV
Sterling N4VAV’s Trailer
Hanging Antennas (L to R) Becca K4BEC, Cliff KD4GT, Cody K4ZXT,Tim WB0MIS ( behind Cody) and Buddy K4CPF
Cody’s Station K4ZXT
The Field Day Site setup 2018 KE4RX 5A TN
Our UPS for Field Day . Thanks to Sterling N4VAV
(L to R) Anne Marie KN4FPL, and Cliff KD4GT.
Sterling N4VAV checking it all out.
Buddy’s Station K4CPF
Hey!! We got a QSL card from NA2SW!!