Field Day 2017

(L to R) Unknown Visitor, Cody K4ZXT, Tim WB0MIS, and Lee KM4AKE

Getting Ready to Raise Our Nations Colors!
(L to R) Sterling N4VAV, Dottie KD8DQU, Anne Marie KN4FPL , Phil KE4LSH and Harry KB4AA
Phil KE4LSH and Buddy K4CPF
Harry KB4AA Setting Up his Station
Phil KE4LSH and Buddy K4CPF
(L to R) Anne Marie KN4FPL, Harry KB4AA, Cody K4ZXT, Sterling N4VAV, Unknown visitor, and Dottie KD8DQU
Bart K0GYO and Amber
(L to R) back Bart K0GYO, Sterling N4VAV RCARC’s Field Day Maestro! Lee KM4AKE
Tim WB0MIS explaining HAM Radio Field Day to a unknown visitor, Harry KB4AA and Lee KM4AKE & Sterling N4VAV in the back
Buddy K4CPF. The man never sweats!! Seriously though, Buddy is a great operator.
Dottie KD8DQU and Don KJ4VWE
Anne Marie KN4FPL with her meatballs for Field Day dinner.
Dignitaries who visited. Scott Stout from Roane County Office of Emergency Services
(L to R) Dignitary State Representative Kent Calfee, Buddy K4CPF and Danny KE4JQD
Phil KE4LSH and Anna KE4VJM Field Day Operating in Style!
Not a bad Field Day Map! KE4RX 5A TN