Field Day 2016

Our RCARC Field Day Article, Roane County News June 2016
Antennas going up and in place
The Shed we have used for 0ver 10 years now.

(L to R) Sterling N4VAV, Tim WB0MIS, Unknown Visitor, Cliff KD4GT, Harry KB4AA and Bart K0GYO
(L to R) Don KJ4VWE, Buddy K4CPF and Sterling N4VAV
(L to R) Buddy K4CPF, Don KJ4VWE, and Tim WB0MIS
Stereling N4VAV’s Trailer. He really supports us well at Field Day. Thank You Sterling!
Gotta Let folks know who we are!
Our Osprey Neighbor who has been there for many years. Now relocated to a metal pole nearby
(L to R) Buddy K4CPF, Cliff KD4GT and Lou K4ZRP
Bart K0GYO (left) and Tim WB0MIS (right)
Our Antennas!
Rue N1GG and Saif N8GG. Always heavy hitters for us points wise at Field Day.