Our D-STAR system is located in Rockwood, Tennessee on Mt. Roosevelt along with the other KE4RX repeaters.


The system operates on the following frequencies:

441.8125 MHz, +5.0 MHz, DV, module “B”

1298.5000 MHz, RPS, DD

Our system is fully connected to the US Trust Server gateway.


D-PLUS Dashboard: https://dstar.ke4rx.org/

D-PLUS Registration: https://dstar.ke4rx.org/Dstar.do

For more information, send an email to dstar@ke4rx.org


Linking and Unlinking

Any user of the KE4RX D-STAR repeater system is allowed at any time of the day to link or unlink the repeater as desired.

Module B (441.8125 DV) is configured to be linked to REF030C by default during the hours of 6 am until 11 pm. During this time, you may un-link the repeater and link to any other reflector as you wish. If the repeater is inactive for 15 minutes, the gateway will relink to REF030C automatically.



Our repeater is configured to automatically link to certain reflectors for scheduled nets.

  • Southeast Weather Net – Sunday at 2100 hrs – REF002A
  • Tennessee D-STAR Net – Friday at 2130 hrs – REF067B
  • PAPA System Digital Net – Tuesday at 2300 hrs – REF012A
  • PAPA System Round Table Net – Thursday at 2300 hrs – REF012A
  • CERT Net – Thursday at 2130 hrs – REF067B

Please note that the gateway controller will unlink from the current reflector 5 minutes prior and link to the net reflector 4 minutes prior to the start of the net. A text message will be sent across the repeater that the unlink will occur 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute before the unlink occurs.



In order to use a D-STAR system over the gateway, you must first register on ONE system. If you have already registered somewhere else, your information will be propagated through the network and you do not need to register again. If you have never used the D-STAR network or registered, you will need to register first, or else your transmissions will not be carried through the gateway to other repeaters or reflectors.

KE4RX D-STAR Registration Guide


Other Resources

Below is a list of resources created by other D-STAR repeater owners and clubs which may be of benefit.

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