December RCARC Meeting and Election of Officers!

Hello Everyone

Our December RCARC meeting and Election of officers will be on December 10th online like last month was. We need people to run for 2021 officers for The Roane County Amateur Radio Club. President , Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary are all open for candidates. Becca K4BEC said she could not be Secretary again because of her work load and Cody K4ZXT needs a replacement too because of the same. so if you would like to be part of the club in a leadership role, This or any officer position is a good way to serve! It only takes a few hours (maybe 2 to 5) per month to do the job and lots of folks with experience to lean on. The requirement to be a officer in the club is only be a full member for 1 year in good standing, so send me, Jim K4APY or Cody K4ZXT an e-mail with your name to run, or a nomination of another member who is willing to serve. We can put you on the ballot.

2020 has been an exceptional year for the club and we have had to deviate from our normal practice because of the pandemic. The election will take place as follows.

  • Nominations and Candidates who volunteer will be accepted until early Sunday 11/29/2020 by e-mail to K4APY or K4ZXT as above.
  • Ballots will be e-mailed out to all 2020 Full Members as listed on the 2020 club roster. Full members are HAMS whose dues for 2020 have been received and credited by the club treasurer. Be sure to check your e-mail. Let me and Cody know if you do not receive a ballot e-mail by 11/30/2020.
  • The process is simple to follow. Select the candidate you wish to vote for , or write in a candidate you feel could and would serve for that office. Be careful that you vote for the person you want to vote for before submitting.
  • The voting will be suspended 1 hour before our Club meeting (6 pm On 12/10/2020). The RCARC online meeting will be via google meet beginning at 7:00 on 12/10/2020. A link will be provided via the group e-mail list and also on the Facebook RCARC group for everyone who wants to join in to be able too.
  • The voting results will be announced before the end of the meeting and published via e-mail on the group mail and on the Facebook RCARC group.

Anyone with questions can e-mail me about membership and to receive a current roster of the club, or Cody with questions about the election in general.

We look forward to having several new folks run for office to help the club grow.




RCARC November 2020 Meeting and Newsletter

Click Here To Read The November 2020 RCARC Beacon Newsletter!

Hello Everyone. The November meeting of the Roane County Amateur Radio Club will be held at The Rockwood Community Center on November 12th at 7:00 PM . Facemasks are not required, but encouraged. It is up to each individual to determine what they feel they need to do.

We also encourage members to consider running for office for 2021. Any member in good standing for 1 or more years is eligible. If you would like to serve as a RCARC officer we will vote for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer at the December 2020 meeting. Just let Lee, Cody, Becca or Jim know to place you on the ballot!

We hope to see you all Thursday evening!!

Jim K4APY RCARC 2020 Treasurer

October 2020 RCARC Meeting and Newsletter!

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The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will hold it’s October Meeting This Thursday 10/8/2020 @ 7:00 PM outdoors at the Kingston City Park main pavilion directly behind the Caramella Catering bistro. It’s open air, and there are several tables that can be moved around to space folks out to be as safe as possible. I hope we will see everyone there! Face Masks are not required, but encouraged. It’s up to each individual to decide what is best for them. I hope to see ya there!


RCARC Meetings and Face Masks

The RCARC officers have issued a statement that “Face Masks are not required, but are encouraged if a member feels it is necessary. It is up to the individual to decide what is best for themselves.  Remember, If you don’t feel well, please stay home and attend the next meeting when feeling well.” In other words it is up to what you are comfortable with and feel is best for you. We have enough room for folks to distance themselves who wish to do so. I hope we will see everyone soon.


RCARC 2020 September Meeting and Newsletter!

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Hello Everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing well. The September 10th 2020 RCARC meeting will be held at The Kingston City Park Main Pavilion 333 West Race Street Kingston TN at 7:00 PM. This is located directly behind the Caramella restaurant . The Club officers recognized the importance of having a face to face meetings and hope that having an outdoor meeting while the weather is more comfortable will encourage people to come and feel safe. We hope to return to the normal meeting location at The Rockwood Community Center in November and December. Keep check on the Monday Night Net on 147.015+ PL 110.9 Mondays @ 8:00 PM.. for breaking news and updates.