May 2020 RCARC Meeting? Maybe?

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Hello Everyone!!
I hope everyone is doing well. The May RCARC meeting , Well We
don’t know yet! The Rockwood Community Center is not open as of today
and Lee KM4AKE hasn”t been able to get in touch with anyone by phone. We
hope to have a meeting, but 6 foot rule will be in place and that room is not
huge. All I can say is watch your e-mail for something from us and keep a
close eye on the Facebook Page for breaking information and check into the
Monday Night Net on 147.015+ PL 110.9 Mondays @ 8:00 PM.. Anne Marie
KN4FPL suggested maybe have an outdoor meeting. That may be an option,
but we will have to see what is going on at the Community Center first. Stay

Jim K4APY RCARC 2020 Treasurer

Breaking News! RCARC April Meeting Cancelled!

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Hello Everyone!!
I hope everyone is doing well. The April 2020 RCARC meeting has been
cancelled due to the Corona Virus and hoping to not have folks exposing
others during this time of National Emergency. The Community Center most
likely will be closed as well. We hope to see everyone in May 14th 2020 at
7:00 PM in the Rockwood Community Center, 710 North Chamberlain Ave.
Rockwood TN.

C-ya! Jim K4APY

RCARC SKYWARN Training in March!

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Hello Everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing well. The next RCARC meeting will be on March 12th at 7:00pm in The Rockwood Community Center 710 North Chamberlain Ave. Rockwood, TN. 37854. This meeting will be SKYWARN Training and Jeremy Buckles from The National Weather Service office in Morristown TN. Will be our guest and instructor. Plan to stay about 2 hours. Training starts at 7 PM. Bring a folding chair if you can. Sometimes seats are short at the Rockwood Community Center. Better to have one in the car than stand if we run out of seats.  Bring a Friend and come on down!  I hope to see you there


February 2020 RCARC Meeting and Newsletter

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Hello Everyone!

I’m running ahead for a change with the newsletter. I want to remind everyone that our next Roane County Amateur Radio Club Meeting is Februaryy 13th, 2020 at The Rockwood Community Center, 710 North Chamberlain Ave. Rockwood, TN. 37854 at 7:00 PM. Lee has arranged for Dave Karasko, a TVA Engineer with line interference for this area ! He will be talking about how they search, find, and prepare to reduce or fix that problem. Along with him will be Heath Lewis of HUB. Try to make it to this one if you can. It should be good and relevent to all Hams since power line noise is common to all of us.

Most folks have already renewed, but we are still accepting memberships and renewals for 2020 for Roane County Amateur Radio Club. Help Support our club by joining and participating if you can!

On March 12th, 2020, at our RCARC Meeting will be the Annual Skywarn Training & Refresher the club sponsors. Jeremy Buckles from NWS Morristown will be the presenter and we always have a great turnout for this one. Training begins @ 7:00 PM and lasts about 2 hours.

Dalton Ga. Hamfest February 22nd,2020. . Usually a good hamfest close enough to drive to.

February 23, 2020 is the Whitestone Run. RCARC has been asked to help with communications on this event. If you can participate, contact Cliff KD4GT 865-773-2586.

Finally The Roane County VE Team will hold their next exam on February 8th, By appointment in The Trenton Street Baptist Church. If you need an exam contact Keith Dalton WV4G wv4g.keith(at)gmail(dot)com to schedule.