May 2020 RCARC Meeting? Maybe?

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Hello Everyone!!
I hope everyone is doing well. The May RCARC meeting , Well We
don’t know yet! The Rockwood Community Center is not open as of today
and Lee KM4AKE hasn”t been able to get in touch with anyone by phone. We
hope to have a meeting, but 6 foot rule will be in place and that room is not
huge. All I can say is watch your e-mail for something from us and keep a
close eye on the Facebook Page for breaking information and check into the
Monday Night Net on 147.015+ PL 110.9 Mondays @ 8:00 PM.. Anne Marie
KN4FPL suggested maybe have an outdoor meeting. That may be an option,
but we will have to see what is going on at the Community Center first. Stay

Jim K4APY RCARC 2020 Treasurer