January RCARC Meeting and Newsletter

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Hello Everyone!!
Our next meeting will be Thursday January 12 (weather permitting) at 7:00 pm in the Rockwood Community Center, 701 North Chamberlain Ave., Rockwood, TN. Come early and bring a friend!! We should have some coffee on to warm folks up.
Talk in will be on 147.120 + (PL 82.5)

With the new year as a reminder that Roane County Amateur Radio Club 2017 memberships are due beginning in January, so if you can, don’t forget to mail in your memberships and / or repeater donations to: RCARC PO Box 1104, Kingston, TN. 37763. There is an application on the club website www.ke4rx.org . If you have already renewed, Thank You for your support of the club. RCARC has insurance premiums and electricity to pay for throughout the year and repeater maintenance when needed, so please consider joining or renewing your RCARC memberships this year! RCARC Application” Click Here for the RCARC Membership Application.