October 2015 RCARC Meeting and Newsletter

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Don’t forget. This Thursday @ 7:00 pm in the Roane County Rescue Squad building on Hwy 58 about 4 miles South of Kingston. Look for the green Rescue Squad sign on the right and Cliffs Pinzgaur. Gray block building at the top of the hill. Don’t block the garage door on the right side of the building . The amubulance service is staffed and need to be able to get out for a call.

Come on down and bring a couple friends !
Below is a map to the meeting location!

From downtown Kingston TN. Turn South on Hwy 58 from Hwy 70 by the Rite Aid Drug Store. Travel approximately 4.6 miles from the Southwest Point Park. The Rescue Squad is on the right. Cliff will have the Pinz parked at the road again. There is a small green Rescue Squad sign. There is no 911 address for this location but it is between 3000 and 3400 Decatur Hwy, Kingston TN. Talk In is on 147.015 PL 110.9
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