RCARC Christmas Dinner and December Meeting!

Read The December RCARC Beacon Newsletter : Click Here to Open!

Read The November RCARC Beacon Newsletter : Click Here to Open!

Hello Everyone

The Roane County Amateur Radio Club will meet on Thursday December 12th at 6:00 pm. This is our annual election of officers and Pot Luck Christmas Dinner meeting, so all RCARC members are encouraged to attend. Please bring a covered dish of a vegetable or a desert. RCARC will provide a ham. New Members and Visitors are welcome too!!

In November RCARC voted to increase our dues for 2014. It has been several years since the dues have been adjusted. The increase is from $15 / year to $20 / year so it isn’t much. Please consider using the attached application form to renew / join RCARC for 2014 and help support our club and repeater systems.

And finally, we have our election of officers for 2014. Currently all incumbents are seeking to retain their positions, but qualified candidates are encouraged to run. If you want to run for office in RCARC, just let me, or any other club officer know, or just let us know when you arrive at the meeting to be placed as a write in. Qualifications for officers is on the RCARC club website in the RCARC Bylaws document at www.ke4rx.org

OH, one last thing. Congratulations to Phil KE4LSH, Anna KE4VJM and Sheila on their new home in Rockwood!!

That’s all I have. C-ya next Thursday evening!!